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Deposit Terms and Conditions

We, Mirror Image Detailing Plus, LLC require a non-refundable 30% deposit of the total amount to schedule with us. This is to help protect us against no shows, or cancellations. Your scheduled appointment is 100% of our work capacity for that day, so when there is a last second cancellation, or no show, we have no way to recover that lost income for ourselves and the employees we support. We understand things happen in life, so all we ask is that you give us a fair notice of at least 3 days in advance to attempt to fill your scheduled appointment. Since we understand things happen that can be out of a person’s control, we allow 1 appointment rescheduling with your initial deposit if you give us our fair notice. If we don’t get the expected notice, or you don’t show up to your scheduled appointment, we find it fair to keep the deposit for loss of income of an expected job to us and our employee’s. By paying your deposit, you are agreeing that you fully understand our terms and conditions of the nonrefundable 30% deposit. 

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